Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Office Organization Tips

 The state of your bed is the state of your head, as the saying goes. I say that the state of your office is in direct proportion to the number of anti-anxiety, anti-losing-it, anti-please-don't-let-them-file-a-restraining-order pills you must pound a day. Here are few mind-saving tips for keeping your office, desk, or GSD (get sh*t done) corner of the room neat:

1. Hang a bath towel rod above your desk. Adorn it with pretty hooks to hold must-grab items.

2. Super glue clothespins to a piece of reclaimed wood to make a cool DIY memo station. This example is an advent calendar, of course, but it would look great re-made into office decor slash organization piece. 

3. Install hooks in the wall; Hang large metal paper clips (they would look even better in bright colors) to display an inspiration board, photos, or important notes.

4. Create a clipboard gallery as wall art/inspiration board/to do list. Again, the clipboards would look amazing painted in bright colors, and the possibilities for use are endless. For parents, this is also a genius (and organized!) way to display the monsoon of artwork that comes home from preschool.

5. Display pant hangers. (Genius!) Get out a can of spray paint and make those pant hangers look spiffy. Spray, hang, clip...instant organization. 

Paperclip Advent Calendar via Pinterest

Simple Clip Display via Everything Etsy

Clipboard Wall Gallery via Swiss Miss

Pants Hanger Gallery via Maiedae

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